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Smithers, BC


Although I was born in South Africa and was privileged enough to travel all over the world, I flew away from the land of my birth and the life I had when I met and fell completely in love with a gentle Canadian who wrote me poems and asked me to marry him, promising to take me to "Hear the Aurora sing and the wolves howl in concert’. Now I live in beautiful British Columbia, a place of towering snow-capped mountains, glacier-fed aquamarine rivers and enormous forests teeming with incredible wildlife. I have stood on a glacier, caught jumping salmon in enormous rivers and walked through fields carpeted with wildflowers. One crystal clear night I lay in the field and watched shooting stars streaking above while learning about the unfamiliar constellations, trying to turn my head upside down so I could see Orion looking the way it did in the Southern Hemisphere.

I paint because I cannot do otherwise. I paint because if I don’t I become unhappy and sad. Most of all, I paint best the things that filled and fill me with joy and excitement, like the ocean and waves which I no longer can see nor hear now. During the long winter months I painted butterflies because they were symbols of what it felt like to fly away to freedom. For the past few years I've been painting artworks so that I can finally find full closure of the things that happened in my past.

And all the while, I continue trying to achieve what Matisse wrote, “I continue painting until the hand sings”.

I have been very privileged to have my work featured on You Tube by Pemero, an amazing artist whose work can be seen here For this honour Petko Pemero, thank you!!

The watermark does not appear in the final printed product.

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